Thursday 11 April 2013

Brought Them On: 15 Years To Gomez's Debut Album "Bring It On"

Gomez are a five piece English Indie band from Southport, comprising Ian Ball (Guitar and vocals), Paul Blackburn (Bass), Ben Ottewell (Guitar and vocals), Olly Peacock (Drums and synths) and Tom Gray (Vocals, guitar and keyboards). On 13 of April, 1998, 15 years ago, they released their debut record called Bring It On. From its release, it earned great reviews, including Spin magazine which called it "Damn beautiful album". That album was melodious thanks to the good collaboration of the voices of Ball, Ottewell and Gray, each having a great distinctive voice. It also sounds sometimes like an Americana album made in UK, but you cannot Deny the English accent... The album managed to win the 1998 Mercury Prize, defeating great albums such as Massice Attak's Mezzanine, The Pulp's This Is Hardcore and The Verve's Urban Hymns. I still find this album joyful, it seems that time hasn't harmed it at all... So here are five songs from that debut album

Make No Sound
Whippin' Piccadilly
Tijuana Lady
Get Myself Arrested
Bubble Gum Years

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