Saturday, 13 April 2013

Weekend Candy: 13 Of April 2013

So the weekend is getting closer and it it's time to sum up some of the songs I've heard last week. What we've got here today are songs from the new albums, which were released lately by Kurt Vile, James Blake and OMD (Yes, they're still alive...) We also mention to albums which celebrated anniversary last week: Murmur by REM which celebrated 30 years and Bring It On by Gomez, which celebrated its 15th anniversary. Down below you can find the new release by The National and new songs from Anna Von Hausswolff, The Pastels, Treetop Flyers, Denison Witmer, Jade Parker, Beady Eye, Valleys, Foxes, Lightening Dust and Pajama People. Now it's your turn to listen, what are you waitin' for
Gomez - Whippin Piccadilly Taken From Bring It On, 1998
Fifteenth Anniversary
The National - Don't Swallow Your Cap Taken From Forthcoming Trouble Will Find Me, 2013
Beady Eye - Flick Of The Finger Taken From Forthcoming BE, 2013
Anna Von Hausswolff - Mountains Crave Taken From Ceremony, 2012
 Valleys - Hounds Taken From Forthcoming Are You Going To Stand There And Talk Weird All Night, 2013 
 Kurt Vile - Never Run Away Taken From Wakin In A Pretty Daze, 2013
 Foxes - Beauty Queen, 2013 
OMD - Metroland Taken From English Electric, 2013
Treetop Flyers - Things Will Change Taken From Forthcoming The Mountain Move, 2013
Jade Parker - Together, 2013
Lightening Dust - Diamond Taken From Forthcoming Fantasy, 2013
James Blake - To The Last Taken From Overgrown, 2013
Denison Witmer - Asa, 2013
The Pastels - Check My Heart Taken From Forthcoming Slow Summits, 2013
Pajama People - Wintertime Taken From Forthcoming Cool Intentions, 2013

REM - Radio Free Europe Taken From Murmur, 1983
Thirty Years Anniversary 

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