Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Bandcamp Hunting #1 - 5 Things You Should Hear

Only lately I started to discover the magic of Bandcamp. Since it's so wonderful and contains endless creators and music styles, I decided to "dig" for some new tunes, hoping it may give you an opportunity to listen to stuff which could have escaped from your ear... so let's go...

The No Sorrows - The No Sorrows

A six piece band from London, who released a new album on 5th of August, 2013 (that means yesterday...). You can find here Shoegaze, Folk and Indie mixed togther in a wonderful harmony...

Black City Lights - Another Life
This Electronic Duo from Wellington, New Zealand released their debut album on 6th Of August (Today!) and it seems that Calum Robb and Julia Catherine Parr are here to stay. Don't miss dark Give It Up!

It Was Romance - Boys With Girlfriends
That's might be only one song, but multi-instrumentalist Lane Moore from Brooklyn made it all alone! I find her voice similiar in some way to Beth Gibbons and Julia Holter, a great starting point

Alpaca Sports - He Doesn't Even Like You
This big band (more than ten people!) from Goteborg, Sweden are doing music for fun and it seems that they really enjoy it. It reminded me Camera Obscura and She & Him with their breezy two songs

Ozarks - Ozarks 
This album was released about a year ago but I couldn't ignore its great production and lyrics. I can locate them somewhere between Progressive Rock and Barouqe Rock, sounds timeless.

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